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The Swift Dory Recreational Rowboat

Rowboat Construction
The rowboats hulls are made of vinyl ester resin (stronger and lighter than polyester) reinforced with glass fibre and finished on the inside with polyurethane paint. The seats or the rowboat form fibreglass air tanks for strength, buoyancy and stiffness. There is plentiful use of varnished cedar for gun-whales, front and rear back rests and gussets. There is also an adjustable cedar foot-stretcher to brace your feet against when rowing. The dory row boat is provided with a sturdy snag free rudder which does not interfere with beaching. The rudder is operated by lanyards from the passenger seat. The overall impression is of elegance, swiftness, and comfort. The rowboat is sufficiently light that two people can easily carry it or lift it onto the roof of a car for transport.

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Rowboat Specifications

Contact Rowboat Sales

By selling Swift Dory Rowboats direct to the public we have been able to keep the price for the dory including oars down to $3500 including GST.

If you are interested in a Swift Dory Row boat my contact details are:

John Murray
Mobile: 0419 606 832
Office: (02) 9456 1150